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31 March 2005



You're welcome, Gigi gurl. I'm also filing away this recipe, I have a PDF folder of these. {I'm a closet foodie} :)


Oh wow, I didn't mean for you to go through all the trouble to type it up! Thank you, thank you! My taste buds and stomach (inside, not outside -- as in protruding tummy) thank you too. :)


Hi Gigi!

Here's the recipe, happy cooking and bon apetit!

Download Paella Negra.pdf (37.4K)


I MUST try this rice dish! I love anything with squid, and I can't give up rice (South Beach be damned). Do you know where I can find a recipe anywhere for this? I can't get this out of my head now (and why did you have to link to even a larger, more luscious, picture of said dish?)!


you should try that same dish with black (squid inked) spaghetti instead of rice! delish! :D


LOL Diet! Well, you would have loved this rice dish, it's black from the squid ink, and fragrant with spring onions and fried garlic. Very summer!


i love squid!!!

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