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Gee, how odd. I can't seem to post a clickable link in this comment box. I filled in the URL box above but I'm not sure that'll show up either. The name of my blog is In Vivo, In Vitro. It's on Hannah's page if the URL doesn't work.


Hi Laurel!

Yes, Bee it is for you. haha!
Thanks for dropping by, it's so good to connect with someone who's also having fun stringing words together. Do you have a blog I can visit?


This is wonderful, Bee. May I call you Bee? I see that your name's actually Melissa...but you happen to have chosen/created one of the best (imho--which always make me laugh when I reluctantly use that acronymn because it looks like I'm saying: I'm Ho!) blog names that I've encountered in blogworld.

I've used the heart as fist metaphor before--but in a more pugilistic sense. I like how you took a metaphor that has been used by myself and other writers and managed to make it wholly new for me. I especially like how the one stanza, in just a handful of words, manages to conjure my own childhood, and a vivid memory from it: The girl with the skinned knees/hating her time/with the silver brush. I was that girl at 4 1/2 going on 5 clamped between my jaundiced grandmother's knees as she insisted on brushing the knots out of my my curly hair while I stood there trapped trying not to cry. God, how she yanked and yanked.

Wonderful poem, Bee. I had read it yesterday which is what prompted my mention of it on Hannah's writing blog. But I'm glad that you pointed me back to it. I enjoyed reading your poem--and hers--again this morning.

Laurel (who's adding your blog to my blog roll, if you don't mind...)


Hello there, forgottenmachine and Jdavies!

I'm quite happy, no--delirious to see that my words have had an effect on you. Keep dropping by!


this is good! goodie-good good!
Oh how you weave words into exquisite laceries!


I happened to be listening to a song called 'House of Smoke & Mirrors' whilest reading this......ordinarily I find your words incredibly meaningful, but this combination made for an even more potent elixir!

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