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29 September 2005



Yep, Gi. Would be good to meet with you. Next time you come home swing by Cebu!


Hi Melissa - No I didn't. :( My sister flaked on me. Next year, I hope. Ay naku, it would have been great to have met up with you in LA, even for coffee (at a bookstore perhaps?). Maybe next time, either here or there?


Hey guys and doll!

Nice of you all to drop by. Lee and Isko, I wish you would both get a blog also, sige na!

Gigi! Hey girl, did you ever get to Cebu? I got extended in LA, and so you see I blogged about it. :)

Kaydee, I know you've been galivanting around yourself. I bet your weekend was a blast too!



a huge ten ton writer's block! mapuli ka di?


I really envy you -- I always wanted to see the nuns without their veils so I could see what their hair looked like, but that was always a wish unfulfilled. But now I can imagine. :)

And about the music. I once was so in love with a boy that I used to cry just thinking about him. And then one day I switched the radio from one of his presets to K-Rock, and he said it was the Devil's music. The boy was gone soon after that, and the music will always remain.


We certainly can share our very own personal stories about being raised and educated by the Augustinian nuns. That is just part and parcel of being Fidelity Awardees of our Alma Mater. Meli, keep writing, we'll keep reading. Leesan, what's going with your Friendster blog?


i hope that there's a part 4 here soon... ;-)

happy weekend!


the dorm across the school. very well written as usual. sige pa more stories

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