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15 October 2005



Snow! Mayo ka pa... i miss inasal also! Plan it na, come on over and then we can make more plans for drinking when Xmas break comes, di ba? Dali na!


tis kinda like this mels, kioskos back in the public plaza, thick bbq smoke, music at every corner and every other kiosk with a karaoke, beer beer beer hehe the biggest beer garden in the world, ay kari sa bacolod, dala maskara oi


Aha, more beer lovers!

You're so right Mark, US beer leaves much to be desired. Sinulog is fun too, but for partying bacchanalia-style, Bacolod's MassKara can't be beat.

Hey Lee, you have a responsibility sa MassKara, seeing that it was your papa that helped to start it all.

Franz, I think I really would love to sit down and drink with you... when it that going to happen, I wonder?


masskara na wala pa ko ka inom.. maybe tonight. will have a bottle for bando and isko... cold pale pilsen..


Hay SMB. Bud tastes like water and Corona tastes like licking rusty water.

Sinulog will always have a special place in my heart as it was during the first time I got really drunk. Barfing-on-the-street-barely-get-out-of-bed-the-next day-drunk. It wasn't pretty but it was fun.

I miss most my barkada's 'maboteng usapan'.


I know exactly how you feel. There is just that magical moment when you are buzzed that all inhibitions, divisions, facades goes away. It is when your raw, unmasked, visceral self comes to the surface. Definitely, it is worth all the next-day shame and embarrassment for the the secrets you shouldn't have told, stories you should have heard and actions that are in hind-sight deeeply regretable. So the fellow Illonggos, partake in the magic and more. I wish I was there celebrating the Masskara Festival.

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