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13 October 2005



Aha, two more girls responding to the girly thing. Yes, I guess alcogel is a good thing too.

I have rubbing alcohol too, a big bottle in my office drawer. That and lotion to counter the dryness. Takes all kinds, eh?


i am guilty of not washing hands -- not because i am lazy or ignorant of germs -- but because I have spent the last few hours or so writing, drawing or holding the mouse. I am pasmado enough as it is, and don't want it to get any worse.

Besides, I have alcohol in my drawer and algogel in my bag. I clean up when I get back.

Maddie Velez-Paredes

Oh those ignoramuses! Never leave home without that trusted ALCOGEL or better yet Rubbing Alcohol in those cute small bottles. Buti nalang they are not so expensive. After use of every piece of equipment/door/drawer, etc., just a dab and rub of alco will surely help. So what kung OC ang dating mo.


Hey Gi! It's awful, really to see someone go out the door after tinkling without washing their hands. Arrgh. Makes you want to miss lunch heheh.


Eeek! I'm not a germaphobe but I'm with you there. All the way! I was in the restroom with a co-worker and we exited our stalls at the same time. We walked over to the sink, and she merely rinsed her hands (if at that -- she pulled out her hands as soon as they were wet) and walked away. I made sure she didn't touch me after that. Ever.

They say the proper way to wash hands after a bathroom break is to use soap and water -- and to lather up while singing "Happy Birthday" twice (silently of course, although I've found myself humming) before rinsing and drying off.


Lee! Nami gani puli, nami inom. Sadya da?


what? wash hands? i think germs are more scared of me. hehehehehe. masskara na di, damo naman hubog, ako hindi hubog.. ma wash ko anay hands ah. c ya all soon...


Lol, Franz! My excuse is too much reading about the evils of germs, that and plain girlishness. Didn't even know I had it in me.


Oh Meli, it's a boy thing too. It is a known fact that we, men are less conscientious with hygiene. Maybe it's my medical training that made me a germaphobe, what is your excuse?

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