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03 October 2005



Good web site.
I would like to know what is the name of the place of your first picture your article "To Live And Sigh In L.A".

Thank you !


Lee and Isko: wow kind words. Lain man gid mga ilonggo ah hehe. Isko, LA seems fun, and homogenous enough to allow a girl to disappear into the masses. But who knows, I haven't seen NY yet, and I'm a long way from making a choice.


bando when do we see all your work in print? ako mahimo cover, free of charge


Bravery and desperation are two very different things. You chose well. LA never did it for me,not my cup of tea... but then again it's just my personal opinion. I'll tell you more. Let's talk.

BatJay, Ang Dating Folk Singer ng Ma Mon Luk

great, great post - it defines exactly how LA feels. in fact, i closed my eyes after reading your post and i could vividly see what you saw.

i just ordered anansi boys yesterday via amazon. i got a good discount so i added craig thompson's "blankets".


Hey LeeSan! At long last I've updated this blog to include my food tripping. namit no?!


Ooooh banzai! I'm back in Cebu... I'm just writing sort of a retrospect of my trip that ended last July.

Hey are you serious about getting Anansi Boys for me? How do I pay you? Please?


dapuga kag tunga! just noticed the food blog list on the left frame of your blog. i'm overdosing on food blogs and i'm having a migraine. one food blog leads to another and another....

banzai cat

Yow! You're in LA right now? How come you can't find Gaiman's book there?

Funny enough, whenever I go abroad, the first thing I look for is an English bookstore. The rest is just cream on top of the cake. ;-)

Great travelogue of LA. I especially like how Filipinos in America look like after a long time.

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