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15 November 2005


thebee, grinning

LOL Gigi! Shopping does have its surreal moments.

Hi Johann, nice of you to drop by.


Hi M - Surreal One reminds me of one bizarre shopping experience at Rustan's in Makati a while back. I had given the salesperson my card and ID to pay for my purchase. Minutes later she came back and said there was a problem; I immediately thought it was perhaps because the card was issued by a US bank. I walked over to the cashier, and asked her what the problem was. She said my signature did not match my ID. I then had to explain to her at least three times that my full name was not "Please See ID."


Do you think you should go easy on shark-fin soup in future?


Uhmm.. i found you through someone's blog whom i'm sure i found through someone else's blog.... blog surf dude


hi bee! i'm totally into spoon right now. =D they're from my home state! ;)

your encounter with the girl and her glass eye would have scared me for some reason. hehe.


Haha banzai, you'd be the only one to think that way, but I guess you have a point. I must be slipping through this plane to the flip side. Whoooo. (cue Twilight Zone music...)

banzai cat

Weird nga no. The first girl kept looking at you but the second didn't even see you. Tapos the teller doubted your identity. Oh no! Baka your grip on reality is slowly slipping? Heeheehee! (J/K) ;-)


Hi Marc, welcome to the beebox. How did you happen to stumble in?


Lee!!! Yes please text me gid! Do you have my new number: 09209155746? Broadcast sa internet, hehe.


twilight zone? pinoy thriller? ma pa cebu ko tomorrow on some boring seminar in talamban somwhere. san carlos kuno. will txt u when i get there kun may time pa. my only other purpose there is to bring death (villalonga chicharon) back to bacolod for my officemates.


Surreal indeed....

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