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05 November 2005



kick the sugar-sub with equal!
but then again, look who's talking!! ha ha!


One word to remedy that, Sexercise! But Fernando Alonso isn't responding to my emails (i wish!) Till then, its off to the gym... my big butt and me. hahaha :D


LOL banzai! Very sweet kitty.

banzai cat

If it's any consolation, since you don't have a pix online, I imagine people I interact on the 'net as either:

a) sexless and thus, weightless or,

b) gorgeous.

Either way, you're fine with me. :-D


Ay! Juice ko 'day! Don't remind me please!

But I agree. Nothing like getting the blood flowing, eh! Hmmm, I wonder where I dumped that gym card.


Hi Chin, hehe awww poor us! :)

Hey kaydee you sweet talker you! I'll be the same ol' me, er... only better?


I feel you. I have the same problem, too. While some people shrink away due to stress, I just can't stop, er, ballooning. =)


women & weight! *rolls eyes*

you better stay as you are, ok? ;-)

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