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12 December 2005


PixelPuta (the real one)

Posted by: PixelPuta | 15 December 2005 at 03:52 PM

"LeeSan! Buhi man gid gali si Etta! Regards lang and post bi pics sang dinner in your yahoogroups. I'll be there this weekend na, hope we can get together during the vacation!"

Hey! I didn't post this! Weird....


The bee is on holiday! Can't resist a quick log in though. Happy Holidays beautiful people!

Kisses to Kaydee too! :D


merry christmas! enjoy the holidays! =)

*mwah mwah*


Merry Christmas, Melissa!

banzai cat

You seem to lead a stranger life than the books I read, bee girl. ;-)

girl in peacepond

had a breakdown eons ago - and my family thought i was possessed by unseen demons! they called 3 burly men to hold me down, a priest to pray over me and prayed the rosary by my side the whole night. after mooning over the events and my uncolored unsatisfied life, i packed my things and promptly moved to the big city. turned out - there were more demons there but they were real and a lot of them wore high heels and corporate suits!


hmmm... Kinda reminds me of that time my parents sent me to Sugod coz they thought I was possessed or something... Turns out Multiple Personality Disorder pala…. :D

the bee

LeeSan! Buhi man gid gali si Etta! Regards lang and post bi pics sang dinner in your yahoogroups. I'll be there this weekend na, hope we can get together during the vacation!


Gi, I've had lots of good and bad yaya/helper experiences, but for out-there, bizarro experiences, this one takes the cake! It's become funny in retrospect, though.

Isko: last I heard, she's gone back to her hometown, I'm just thankful she did not hurt my boys under the guise of being Linda.


hello. linda blairwitch project. etta bonache is here in bacolod after years of being lost. we will have dinner at rc's resto


My god Meli, what a hellish night that was. I hope you and your kids are doing fine now. Obviously, Yaya Viv had schizophrenic relapse - thus the recuurence visual and auditory hallucinations. This diagnosis is usually guised under the labels of demonic possessions/exorcisms. Meli, do not take this exacerbation lightly. It is good they are out of your house. The least you could do for her is make a referal to see a psychiatrist, who could prescribe her the appropriate and much-needed medications. Good luck and God bless.


M!!! I was freaking out the entire time I was reading your post. I've always known you were a strong person to begin with, now I know for sure you are practically invincible!

The other day a friend of mine and I were talking about how it would be great if we had a live-in helper to have our meals ready when we get home from work, do the laundry and put them away, and clean the house. We were talking about how envious we were of our friends back home who do have such help and seem to have more of a life than we do here.

But envious I am no longer.


Hi wasabi gurl. Yaya Viv is ilongga also, from my mother's hometown. I got the chills that night, worrying about her. I think it was more of a nervous breakdown than a 'possession,' maybe she was missing home. She told me the next day she had a 'possession' months before, and the town pastor had to do an exorcism to get the male demon out. Imagine! They never tell you things like this during the initial interviews, grr.

Another 'demonic' episode happened a week later, when she said she woke up in the middle of the night and saw her body had grown to 'Dabiana proportions' (her words), arms and legs like huge balloons. She said she couldn't move and that the black spirit was laughing at her. I ignored this, and for a while the possessions stopped.

By this time I was already asking the folks in Negros to find me two new yayas. The older one, Yaya Ying had airs of a majordoma, grabe it was as though she was the amo, she bossed Yaya Viv around and made decisions for me without consulting. Whooo yaya blues, what can I say.

The two new ones seem promising, no strange occurences at home as yet! Keeping my fingers crossed.


I hope you get to sort everything out. I am also in a yaya quandary, whether to look for a younger one who can keep up with my 2 year old or stick with the old one (as in pushing 50) who has major loyalty points (been with family for 20+ years) and loves my daughter to bits, but annoys the hell out of me. It's Christmas and I would really want to give my help some bonus but don't have the budget for it, much less for a lot of other things.


What a funny story. And how absolutely dreadful! Sorry not trying to be amused at your expense. I suppose Yaya Viv is Pinay. Maybe she's from Antique? You are a kind soul for letting her sleep with you. I'm not sure if I would do the same. Maybe I would have brought her to the nearest place she could find shelter for the night. The church, perhaps. The thought of having Linda Blair in the same room with me. Di kaya ng powers ko 'yun!

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