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07 December 2005



yow bandow. happy birthday.... i was down and out last week with migraine, tigas no? enjoy your 3 and 5...


Hey Fions, great to have that brief chat with you! Take care always, amiga.

Checcs! 40 rocks, and you are evidence of that. See you soon!


Hey Mel! Belated Happy Birthday! Been busy lately but I remembered. :p


i am indeed late but thanks anyway for the beerday greeting today! happy you celebrated your 35th in bliss - say ko lang, wait till you do your 40TH!!!!!


More birthday greets, yipee!

Kitty: yes sagittarius, fast with the kick haha.

Wangs: Thanks, hmm yes I think I got a very surreal bday. {GRIN}

Isko! My most loyal and discerning reader. Wisdom i got that hahahah! Grace er, um, hmm, don't think so.


Hi Meli,

You are a very special person and you deserve the best. Happy 35th Birthday. Looking forward to another year of blog-reading..."with more wisdom and grace". LOL.



Happy Birthday! Just saw the blogpost. I'm a little late but better late than never!

Hope you got all that you wanted on your birthday! :)


banzai cat

Whoops! Belated happy bee-day, bee! :-)

Sorry, late ako. Alam mo naman, us cats can't be concerned with time issues. ;-)

P.S. Sagitarrius ka pala?


Hey thanks, you guys!

I had a bit of a hangover because of a surfeit of red wine and jamon serrano but well, it was a fun night.

Wasabi gurl: sagittarians rule!
green bananas girl, I have been ogling your food porn, I swear I gained a couple of pounds just gawking.

Big grins to you all!


Hey happy birthday! Here's to more years and more stories! :)


Happy b'day


i hope there's no hangover today... :P


happy birthday to you thirty-something bee! so you are a december girl, too. Another thing we have in common. Mine's this sat. I wish i'm thirty something pa rin, hehe!


i turned 30 this year. I gathered up friends and played poker.... ofcourse i provided food..

happy bday


and so it goes. happy birthday, birthday bee!

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