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08 December 2005



Thanks, Gi! Libido alive and making itself felt, thank goodness haha!

Lee: could it be that your migraine was caused by donut withdrawal? Mweehhehehe!


Happy Birthday, M the bee! What a great way to celebrate it. :)

RE: 35-year-old libido. Are you surprised it's alive and kicking ass? You know what they say about prime of our lives, yeah?


hey isko... mario oliveros is our hi skul klasmeyt... hahahah

the bee

Isko: I saw Pagdadalaga, it was good, but I'm ambivalent about it being sundance worthy. About the coming of age of a gay boy, very pinoy style, and so grainy it strained my eyes.

D: it was a nice end to a night, there should be more nights like this in my so-called life. You enjoy the weekend too!


Again, we share the same passions. Reading, art, people-watching, booze, poetry, gourmet food and now, Pedro. Pedro Almodovar's movies are simply works of art. I think I have seen all of them. I especially fell in love with "Talk to Her", a feat definitely deserving an Oscar. What's the buzz all about "Ang Pagdadalaga ni Mario Oliveros"? LOL. Is it Sundance-worthy? I saw "Dubai", the Pinoy's entry last year and it was embarrasingly disappointing.


oh what a night. i'm jealous.

happy weekend! =)

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