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11 January 2006



Hi Linnor. And I see you have 3 boys! Wow.


I could relate to this entry... Like you, I have boys as well.


Fions, wow nice to see you here, miga! My boys are growing up sooooo fast. Jeremy has just started nursery school (I've yet to blog about that!), how time flies! I think I'll be super jealous of the first girl they will hold hands with. Aw.


LOL Kaydee!!!

You got me! I sometimes write a post but then have no time to upload it, so it sits in my PC for a few days. That's why when I do have the time to upload, I backdate posts just to get my history right. It's an obssessive thing, and you caught me. :)


weird: i check your site almost daily so why can i read your jan. 11 post on jan. 22 for the first time?

something wrong with my browser? :-/

happy sunday!


Hi Mel. Happy new year. I like the pic here, it looks like an old, classic sepia photo. I keep my nephews company so I get to step on a lot of toys. I'm the one who apologizes to them hehe. We have to enjoy their company while they are still young. For now, you can be seen holding their hands in public but in a few years they will be holding someone else's hand. Yun na!

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