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14 February 2006


the bee

Glad you came by Lamia. Do you blog too? Drop me a URL so I can buzz in. :)


i'm glad i discovered your blog. i just love how you write your online journal...it inspires me to be more creative, to love life, to move forward...thank you, thank you, thank you!


Halu Lee! Sounds like your valentines was much more colorful. Exhibit na gali si toto Dennis, I hope makatanaw ko.

Slightly buzzed ha... hmm you sound like an old married man na gid heheh!


so she blogs again....

hallo bandeaux,

upod kami ni snow girl, adrian, etc. at dennis ascalon's exhibit last night feasting on skyflakes with 2 dips, kinilaw nga tangigue, red wine with adrian's family name, one san mig light, i forgot the name of the last plastic cup of white wine... then jenny and i went home, me slightly buzzed. happy valentongtong...


LOL Snow. Yes, we should have.


we should have gone to Bohol yesterday and had that wine, :)

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