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28 February 2006


the bee

Hallo Lee! :) food trip eh.

KD: yes, you are a wanton one.


ha! awesome!

yea, i'm more on the lustful, sensual side. how did you know?

hehe. :P


wanton pancit canton

the bee

LOL banzai! Maliciously cruel Chinese dish, that would be frogs legs, no? :)

Jeannie: I remember in one of the summer workshops at La Salle there was an abandonment exercise. That was very freeing. Wanton abandonment, I would like that, yes I would.

banzai cat

Well, I suppose it's better than a maliciously cruel Chinese dish! :D

... er, are you Chinese?


ive been accused of the same, amiga; and i stood there under the hot noon sun, hair disheveled, nose smudged, clothes askew, and grinning uncontrollably.

i was charged guilty of grinning uncontrollably for taking the accusation as a compliment. : )

so what?

let the small minds take comfort in their small minds, as we goddesses exult in our wanton-ness!

: D

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