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09 March 2006



Hi Mel - Oh lord, does this mean I have to sign up for some 12-step program now? Do they even have them for folks like us? I bet next week I'll read my posts and realize they don't make any sense. What was I thinking? :) Anyway, I'm so glad you started posting again. I've missed you!!!

thebee smiles at Gigi

Hello Gi! I'm pleased that you like the bee makeover, I've been itching to change costume for a while now. Maybe the change will inspire me to post more often, huh?

Been by your site so many times, and now I'm grinning--even fresh from jetlag you can hammer out several posts. You're addicted to blogging, that's what it is!

Welcome back!


I LOVE this look the most! Mums make me happy and I love the yellow/black color scheme (which is consistent with the "bee" theme).

thebee, grinning

Petite! Good to see you here! I have been passing by your blog, I see you are busy with a very worthy undertaking. It's been so long since you posted, I was wondering what's been happening to you. Your Mark was kind enough to enlighten me with a brief post in his clickmomukhamo. Be well, and hope to see your new blog look soon!


hi melissa the bee,

i looove your new look, and the oh-so-pretty mums with the bee! galing!

i totally agree with you...a makeover (physical or virtual) helps take the blues away. i'm in the middle of own blog makeover too, so i truly relate with your sentiments and was so pleasantly surprised to see your bright new virtual threads. :-)

p.s...don't know if you ever got my email response to your comment in my blog...too late kase nakita ko it was returned to me with an 'error in sending' message...anyway, i just wanted to thank you for asking how i was... :-)


Big grins, everyone.

Lee, we who grew up on Sesame Street will have that song etched in our minds. I remeber it, the original video to that song, very 70s, cute.

Wasabi: Puli ka Bacolod? How nice for you! I miss it, maski Cebu na base ko I find all sorts of excuses to go home.

Solipsist, I notice your email name is lady lazarus. Are you also a Sylvia Plath fan? Yay if yes.

the solipsist

I hate flowers and I hate the color yellow...but I don't care, I'm still a big fan of your blog that I have grown dependent of it!I really wish I can write like that, hehe!


Bright! And sha-ha-hai-ny! Love mums too. Without fail they always bring a smile to your face and gives a lift to your soul.

I'll be in Bacolod next month!!! Excited na ako!


makes me want to sing out loud the sesame street anthem. sunny day, chasing the clouds away...

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