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04 April 2006


the bee

Hello ie. I skipped over to your site this morning and saw the Marlboro ad. Vintage looking, almost, heheh. Good luck on quitting!


i actually just saw one a while ago. it was something about marlboro, i think. sayang, i didn't get the link.

the bee

I had a very restful Easter Sunday, thanks KD. You had a good one as well, I hope.


happy easter! =)

the bee, blushing

Thank you Francis. Impertinence? No, no, not at all! How did you happen to come by here?


ehehehehe...strange things, indeed :)
made me smile the way erratic subtitling on pirated dvds do.

impertinence aside, i simply adore your blog.


Hey hey hey you guys.

Thanks to Fence for the quote! Your Cunning Quotes site is a fun idea.

Isko and Banzai: must be the summer heat, huh, bringing about strange things. :)


Erotic, and quotable, quite a combination :)


Isn't that the whole theme anyway: things that don't go together. Cowboys who are gay... cowboys and melons. There is a neww breed of street enterprenuers: sales combining wants and needs, the basic and the impractical just to make a quick buck. Survival of the fittest. Give me anything but alms-seekers.

banzai cat

Cowboys... and melons?

Somehow, they don't seem appropriate together. :-D

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