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12 May 2006



i'm ok bando.. i'm reviewing for my comprehensive exam sa grad school. very so unlike me.


Leesan: blanko gid tuod. Musta ka na? Guapo sang cave pictures mo sa yahoo groups!


Hi Vina. Thanks for dropping by. You're right, even better than a nap, I need a vacation (again haha).


amo gid na ang kabuhi. maskin wala ka inom may mga kablankuhan sa paminsaron.. yeah!


yes, nap is always good, but vacation, much better!

looking forward to reading more of your posts!

thebee grins

Gi! I've read that piece you didn't write (whoo, confusion) and it's great... validation! Seriously, I was super touched by your gesture. My head is spinning. Sometimes all these notions of motherhood (I have lots of them, mostly gleaned from friends who got in the game earlier) put such lofty expectations, demand a lot from a person. I try to give it what I can, and hope heaps and heaps of love will make up for whatever is missing.

Great big tight hug to you, sis.

thebee grins

I had a series of naps! LOL. and a weekend to recharge and recover. Thanks, guys. And Fence: awesome to be quoted despite feeling like I was going to go into shutdown. :D


Although this isn't related to this post at all, I wanted to reply to your comment in my reply box, but didn't want to take up all your space! So here it is, and hope you had a terrific Happy Mother's Day!



You may need a nap, but you've also managed to get yourself quoted, maybe a lack of lucidity is a good thing. If only it made a profit :)


take a nap. that always helps! ;)

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