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26 May 2006



update!? :P


yeahy snow quit it! hehehehehe... drink lang ah... how was the exhibit opening? missed again kay may gin ubra ko


Hey Lee: musta ka na da. Xmen, so bading hehehe. Former men, get it? :)

Snowball, miga: miss you man grabe! The job is getting to me, I'm having tummy acid again... haven't had this for years. Stop na smoking, girl. Beer sounds good, though.

banzai! nope, I didn't get to see what's after the credits, just saw Magneto trying to move the chess pieces. Is it intimation of a sequel? Fun!


si magneto nahimo si mang nitong


halu melz, friday's getting at you na no? i've been smoking like hell and drinking most nights myself, couldn't wait for fridays anymore. the last stand indeedy, daw sadya man a, wish i can obliterate the world by bursting my veins. ahay miss you na gid

banzai cat

Wow. I have to be honest: you know your Xmen well, bee girl! ;-)

Btw, did you stay after the credits?


And KD: hehehe XXX just seemed fun to type. LOL at you!


Hi petite! An interesting read, alright. I agree with Mark's extensive exposition on the latest XMen flick. I have been following the Xmen randomly and Mark says it best, a purist't take. Rogue giving up her awesome power for a boy aaawwwrrggh. And the CGI particles, a very clean sweep at the destructive power of the Dark Phoenix... it's an obvious effect, yes. But sort of an easy way out, a manufactured shortcut to get through to the audience that Jean Grey is capabale of obliteration. But still, it is a cop out, no lyricsm, no metaphor about it, nothing mystic. Just CGI.

Still, I was entertained by the movie. I'll even watch it again on DVD when I can. But to say that it floored me or was even close to the mythic saga that is the XMen, well hmmm, no, I don't think so.


"XXX" what do you mean? hehe. :P


what did you think about the movie, bee?

i actually had fun watching it especially because there was so much of hugh jackman in it, but markie the fanboy found issue with the movie. (mejo shameless plug ba for the hubby? hee. but it's going to be a fun read, promise. ;-) )

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